Those who have taken one ore more DSEG certifications (or have directed their staff to do so), said:

“If you’ve found yourself needing to go from zero to expert in record time there is no better source than attending the DSEG at DSE. This live seminar features intensive review of nearly every aspect of digital signage, and while it won’t replace years of experience, it will bring you light years in understanding this industry in a one-day course. I’ve recommended the DSEG course to folks that are new to the digital signage industry and that needed to come up to speed quickly. Post course feedback from them convinces me there is no faster or better way to learn than through this one-day intensive.”

Steve Hargis, Director, Film & Video Productions, Bass Pro Shops

“Anyone looking to grow their understanding and presence within the digital signage industry needs to take these courses. Each course creates a better understanding of the industry and helps create smarter, faster, and stronger technology experts. There are no better courses to help end-users, suppliers, manufacturers, and service companies achieve growth and develop stronger technology practices. They have strengthened our company’s knowledge base and helped us develop our people.”

Rich Ventura, VP Business Development and Solutions, NEC

“To avoid failure, experts like Gene Kranz of NASA fame, in his book “Failure Is Not an Option!” makes the point, “Know what you don’t know.” In digital signage there is a lot to know, but also a lot that is easy to overlook. Get your digital signage team enrolled in the Digital Signage Experts Group programs to get up to speed, ensure competence, and to identify efficiencies and economies of scale that will pay dividends for years to come.”

Spencer Graham, Manager of Operations, West Virginia University

“The DSEG program is a must have for anyone who is involved in digital signage. It’s a wonderful non biased presentation of all the elements that you need to make a network function properly on a daily basis. It is well worth the investment of time and capital.”

Janna Rider, Director of Digital Merchandising, American Dairy Queen Corporation

“I can state with full confidence that I know everything there is to know about our industry – only one problem with that, it keeps changing. What was gospel 3, 5, or 10 years ago, no longer applies. Whether you are new to the digital signage industry, or are relying on what you originally learned, it is so important to continually educate yourself on the latest and more importantly, future trends and technologies. A great place to start your personal journey of discovery is by taking one or more of the Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) certifications online or better yet, live at the DSE.”

Randy Dearborn, VP Multimedia & Guest Technology, MGM Resorts International

“I’ve learned a lot about digital signage just by attending DSE for the past three years, and sharing information with my colleagues on the DSE Advisory Board. But I know I have a lot more to learn, that’s why I made it a point to sign up for the DSEG certification class at DSE 2016. I’ve taken seminars with Alan in the past, and have been awed by the sheer depth and breadth of his experience and knowledge. But I know that was just an appetizer. I’m looking forward to sitting down for the full course meal at DSE 2016.”

Paul J. Fleuranges, Vice President, Corporate Communications NYC Transit
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