Digital Signage Sales Professional

Course Description

The Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) is expanding the professional certifications for the digital signage industry into a critical segment – sales.  Whether you are a digital signage company selling to an end user, or selling the concept inside your own company, the Digital Signage Sales Professional (DSSP) shows how to properly present the Why, How and What of digital signage. The program begins with the key elements in every digital signage deployment and looks at some typical applications. It looks at the evolution of sales methodologies, the new role of a sales person, as well as the differentiation between marketing and sales.  It explores the individual salesperson, and the personal characteristics that lead to success. It then focuses on the most basic of questions… Why? Why should a person sell digital signage? Why should an end user buy digital signage? The DSSP provides an understanding why the answer to every question in digital signage that you ask (or answer) is “it depends”. This leads to digital signage sales basics and how to sell each of the key components in the system. Overall the DSSP synthesizes the research and concepts that are put forward in the top sales methodologies of the last decade and applies them specifically to digital signage.

Course Outline

  • Introduction and The Benefits of Sales Training
  • The 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage
  • Natural Fit Applications
    • The opportunity
    • Overview of key applications where digital signage is a natural fit
  • A Brief History of Sales
    • Role specialization and professional selling
    • Solution selling and the psychology of selling
    • New roles in selling and sales automation
    • The changing role of a salesperson
    • The impact of the salesperson
  • Marketing VS. Sales
    • Defining and understanding marketing
    • Sales and the balance with marketing
  • World’s Fastest Sales Training
    • The three fundamental ways to make a sale
  • The Beginning of SPIN
    • History of sales training programs
    • Origin of SPIN Selling
    • Understanding and applying the SPIN Selling model
  • Challenging the Sales Model
    • Introducing The Challenger Sale
    • Complex VS. Simple Sales
    • Differentiation
    • Taking control of the sale
    • Sales impact
    • Commercial teaching
  • Sales Management
    • Understanding effective sales management
  • How to Sell a Digital Signage Network
    • Start with “why”
    • The big ideas
    • Sinek’s words of wisdom
    • Habits of a good salesperson
  • Sales 101 – Why “It Depends”
    • The complexity of “it depends”
    • Your role when “it depends”
    • It depends on the purpose, and discovery begins
    • It depends on business and content
    • It depends on the design
    • Selling the parts of a digital signage system
  • Practical Sales Suggestions and Final Words
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