Digital Signage Certification Programs

Digital Signage Certified Expert (DSCE)

The Digital Signage Certified Expert program is a fundamentals course that will bring AV, IT, signage, advertising, out-of-home marketing and content creation professionals up to speed on key information in the booming digital signage industry. Participants will master the formulas for successful design, hardware and software selection, deployment, content creation and ROI/ROO for digital signage roll outs. The course closely examines all of The 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage.

Digital Signage Display Expert (DSDE)

The Digital Signage Display Expert course recognizes that video display devices never perform at their peak right out of the box. Because of this, proper calibration is the only answer. Each type of display requires detailed set up and configuration. The DSDE focuses on understanding the nuances of each major display technology and how to calibrate them to deliver the “perfect picture” for any digital signage system.

Digital Signage Network Expert (DSNE)

The Digital Signage Network Expert course is a complete introduction and fundamentals approach to IT networks, protocols, and connecting devices for the digital signage installer. This general purpose course is intended to provide a path of discovery to computer network communications and Internet protocols. It then reveals the principles, process, and secrets of ports, throttling, bandwidth network security and policies.

Digital Content and Media Expert (DCME)

All agree that content delivers the messages set forth in the objectives of a digital signage network. The Digital Content and Media Expert defines content, what it can and cannot do and how it can be an effective communication tool in terms of impact and relevance to engage the viewer. The physical properties, rules of content, costs of production, and options for outsourcing are discussed as is the content strategy, business side of content, and analytics.

Digital Signage Sales Professional (DSSP)

Whether you are selling digital signage to an end user, or inside your company, the DSSP shows how to properly present the Why, How and What of digital signage. It begins by embracing the characteristics of success for individual salesperson. It then focuses on the most basic of questions… Why? Why sell digital signage? Why buy digital signage? Next it heads into why the answer to every question in digital signage is “it depends”. Then sales basics, and how to sell each of the key components . Finally the DSSP synthesizes the research of the top sales methodologies and applies them specifically to digital signage.

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