Digital Signage Display Expert


It is said of art that “I know it when I see it”. Much the same can be said of poorly calibrated displays. We know them when we see them and with the explosion of digital signage upon the advertising scene, we are seeing poorly adjusted displays everywhere and in every nook and cranny that we go near. There is an undeniable and growing need to address this “Joseph’s coat” of poor images and the Digital Signage Display Expert (DSDE) Program comes to the rescue and fills that requirement. The DSDE is the industry’s only comprehensive training program designed exclusively for digital signage displays and calibration. The DSDE program addresses the subject of displays as a key component in a digital signage system and teaches how to properly calibrate them. The program recognizes that the displays are the “windows to the world” representing the digital signage message and that accuracy in transmitting images is directly related to impact and the effectiveness of the entire digital signage system.

It is a fact of life that video display devices never perform at their peak as they are delivered from a manufacturer. Proof of this is the patchwork quilt of images that you will encounter in any big box store or video wall display. Proper calibration is a must and goes beyond “simply” adjusting some settings on a display.

Each display type has its own “personality” and responds to inputs and environments in different ways. Understanding the nuances of each technology and how to address them to provide the “perfect picture” is a requirement. The bottom line is that one size does not fit all.

The mandate of the DSDE program is for the attendees to understand each display technology and the key elements that can be adjusted/calibrated in concert with one another and relative to the environment in which the displays exist. By adopting calibration standards and understanding the methodologies involved in the calibration process, we can address an infinite number of applications and environments and never have the need to settle for a poor, mediocre or inaccurate image onscreen.